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Dr. Shila Sharifi, DMD, MSC, CAGS

Dr. Shila Sharifi is a graduate of Boston University. After finishing high school in 2000, Dr. Sharifi moved to America with her family in pursuit of a higher education. She attended the University of Massachusetts Boston and graduated in 2004 with a double degree in art and biology.

Her passion for painting and sculpture had a huge influence in her decision to become a dentist and train at Boston University School of Dental Medicine. In 2008, Dr. Sharifi joined the post-doctoral program in prosthodontics, also at Boston University, where for three years she specialized in full-mouth prosthetic reconstructions, aesthetics, and implant dentistry.

Ever since her teenage years, Dr. Sharifi has held a deep passion for art and poetry. She found the field of prosthodontics to be a perfect combination of art and dentistry. Outside of her professional work, Dr. Sharifi enjoys painting, sculpting, photography, and traveling. She truly enjoys creating perfect, individual smiles and sharing in the joy of openhearted laughter with her patients.