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Cosmetic dentistry is referred to any dental work that not only treats dental disease, but it also intended to improve the esthetic appearance of a patient's teeth. This could involve the position of the teeth, color, position of the gingiva (gums), symmetry of the teeth, alignment of the teeth as well as shape and size of the teeth. There are constant advances in technology in this field and general dentist pursue additional training, to become masters in this discipline.

Here at The Classic Smile our cosmetic dentists, Dr. Short & Dr. Sharifi have not only years of special training beyond dental school, but also decades of successful treatment for thousands of patients. They will do a comprehensive cosmetic evaluation of each patient condition and they will put together a few options on how to best achieve what our patient desire. As always, any procedure at our office is done with the best materials and can be done while you sleep comfortably.

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