It’s the hottest time of the year! When it starts heating up outside the last thing we want to do is cook over a hot stovetop or warm up the oven. That’s why we tend to stick to meals that are light, refreshing, and non-fussy. One of our go-to dinners is a simple salad. Nothing better than a bunch of crispy greens! What are some of your favorite ingredients to put in a salad? 

During the weekends, we like to be out and about as much as we can! Some foods we like to have when we are on an extra-long road trip are carrots, grapes, and some protein bars. Another way we like to spend an afternoon or evening is by enjoying a picnic. We like to pack watermelon, a lot of different types of snacks, fruits, and fresh juice. 

It can be tempting to eat a lot of ice cream when it’s hot out, but a healthy alternative we suggest is a healthy smoothie. There are many delicious smoothie recipes that can taste even more amazing than your favorite ice cream flavor.  

We hope you enjoy the rest of the summer and we look forward to the next time you are in our office! 

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  • “Everyone is so kind and professional. The Classic Smile sets the bar for superior customer service!”~ M. Rodrigues

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